Lingga Agung, Moh Isa Pramana Koesoemadinata


This paper aims to see how the aesthetics in the video clip Dulang Kuring 2 which was popularized by Alm.Darso. We used qualitative method as a method in collecting related data and to analyze video clip DulangKuring 2, we use Homi K. Bhabha Post-Coloniam theory about mimicry, hybridity, and the third space. The analysis focuses on Darso, the location (landscape), and the setting-property in the video clip. From the analysis that has been done, the aesthetics in the music video clip DulangKuring 2 is paradoxical because it mixes the local and global aesthetic codes. While through the Bhabha postcolonial, we find that the place (landscape), and setting-property gradually mimicry then after that well see another step which is a hybridity that produces the third space. From the analysis, the video clip
DulangKuring 2 is aesthetically very paradoxical yet hybrid because it targets the contemporary Sundanese society.

Keywords: Aesthetic, Communication, Darso, Post-colonialism

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