Management system of UNIFIKASI : Jurnal Ilmu Hukum, in general, is as follows.

  1. Contributors submits articles alongside with originality statement;
  2. Submitted articles will then be received by Editorial Board and reviewed by Assistant Editor in terms of the technicality of the writings;
  3. Submitted articles will be subject to double blind review by two experts (mitra bestari), each from Faculty of Law, Universitas Kuningan and Faculty of Law from other acclaimed universities. Both experts will give substantive reviews;
  4. Editor will review the format of submitted articles.

In reviewing submitted articles, mitra bestari will refer to scoring guide given by Editorial Board. Scoring format includes originality of ideas, accuracy of used theories in analysing problems, and writing method. Based on these elements, there are three decisions that will be given for submitted articles: accepted, accepted subject to minor or major changes, resubmit and rejected.

The steps point number 1 to 5 are considered as 1 round of the peer-reviewing process (see the grey area in the figure). The editor or editorial board considers the feedback provided by the peer reviewers and arrives at a decision. The following are the most common decisions: 

  1. Accepted, as it is. The journal will publish the paper in its original form;
  2. Accepted by Minor Revisions, the journal will publish the paper and asks the author to make small corrections (let authors revised with stipulated time);
  3. Accepted by Major Revisions, the journal will publish the paper provided the authors make the changes suggested by the reviewers and/or editors (let authors revised with stipulated time);
  4. Resubmit (conditional rejection), the journal is willing to reconsider the paper in another round of decision making after the authors make major changes;
  5. Rejected (outright rejection), the journal will not publish the paper or reconsider it even if the authors make major revisions.

After the decision has been given, contributors are given a chance to improve their articles pursuant to assessment given by mitra bestari. Afterwards, proofreading will be conducted.

For Articles that have been through aforementioned process, Editorial Board will then decide the status and time of publication. The process will continue into final editing and layout design to be published online. Final check will then be conducted as a final step before the publication.

UNIFIKASI : Jurnal Ilmu Hukum has been published online since Volume 4 year 2017. UNIFIKASI is not liable to provide a printed edition of the publication, however the printed edition can be available for author upon request.