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This study aims to investigate the process type in students’ narrative text. It involves 20 first grader of Department of English Education, University of Kuningan. The title of narrative text given to all respondents is “Rabbit and Twenty Crocodiles.” This study raises two problems: the process types appear in students narrative texts and the errors of the process types occur in students’ narrative texts. This research used a descriptive qualitative method to describe the data. As result, by using Derewianka (2002), the process types found in students’ narrative texts were material, mental, verbal, and relational process. Material process was the dominant type found in students’ narrative texts in which there were 232 material processes from 371 data with percentage 62.53%. It means that, in the text telling about a sequence of happenings and experiences, the characters did many material activities than the other process types. Besides, this research also found three process type errors occurred in students’ narrative texts, namely material, verbal, and relational process. Material process is the dominant error occurred in students’ narrative texts in which 100 errors occurred in 157 data with percentage 63,7%. In conclusion, considering that students face diffuculties mostly in material process, teacher should deal with its teaching more cautiously.  

Keywords: narrative text, transitivity and error, process types

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