. Meliyawati, Fahrus Zaman Fadhly


This study aims to investigate the realizations of requestive strategies used by Indonesian EFL learners. The respondents are 25 of junior students of the Department of English Education in the University of Kuningan. The data were collected through Discourse Completion Test (DCT) and interview. The collected data were analyzed by using the requestive strategies theory by Blum-Kulka, House, and Kasper (1989). The query preparatory is the most term of requestive strategy type used by Indonesian EFL learners in Department of English Education in some different situations on DCT (64.8%). Second is mild hints with 13.6%, third is mood derivable with 10.4%, forth is obligation statement with 7.5%, fifth is want statement with 2.4%, sixth is suggestory formulae with 1.1%, seventh is hedge performative with 0.3% and the last are performative and strong hints with nothings. The respondents incline used requestive strategies which is avoid conflict or threatening to the hearer. The study reveals that the social variables such as power, social distance and ranking of imposition really affect toward the realization of requestive strategies used by Indonesian EFL learners.
Keywords: Requestive strategy, Indonesian EFL learners, Discourse Completion Test.

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