Fahrus Zaman Fadhly


Abstract: This paper analyzed the presidential interviews of the President of Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY), based on Grice’s theory of the Cooperative Principles (CP). This study employed a qualitative research design and the data were three transcripts of interview discourse between SBY and eight Indonesian journalists obtained through the presidential ofï¬cial website: http://www.presidentsby.info. The research investigated the ways of SBY in flouting the CP maxims in his presidential interviews and the functions of the flouts were. The research revealed that SBY flouted all the CP maxims and the maxim of Quantity was frequently flouted. Meanwhile, there were four ways used by SBY in flouting the CP maxims, i.e. hedging, indirectness, open answer and detailed element. The function of the flouts, i.e. face saving acts (FSA), selfprotection, awareness, politeness, interestingness, control of information, elaboration and ignorance. This research also revealed that CP maxims of Grice are not universal. The phenomena of CP Maxim flouts in SBY’s presidential interviews did not reduce the cooperativeness. Over- information may help interviewers to achieve a rich backgrounds and
in-depth understanding of a phenomenon. 

Keywords: flouts, maxim, cooperative principles, SBY, presidential interview

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