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Abstract: This paper described the  struggle for love of  Bella Swan reflected in  New Moon movie by using Alfred Adler’s individual psychology and analyzed the  plot of the movie. It used qualitative research method and the object of this study was a major character named  Bella Swan. Primary data sources were the  New Moon movie directed by Christopher Weitz and the script of the movie, while secondary data sources were collected from many sources such as dictionary, articles from internet, and books related to this study. Methods of data collecting were observation and library research. The method of data analysis was descriptive analysis. Based on the analysis, It reflected the condition of a person who had a goal and struggle to get it. It concluded that Bella had high struggles to reach her goals. The  plot of  New Moon movie is complicated and stimulating, therefore it made the story was not flat and boring. By analyzing the  plot, the viewers could easily understand the story and the message of the movie and catch

up the moral lesson of it.

Keywords:  Bella Swan,  New Moon,  Alfred Adler’s Individual Psychology,  plot, struggle for love

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